Intimate Dining

We have a different approach to catered events. For one, we prefer to keep our groups small to ensure that the experience is always top notch and consistent. Secondly, Chef Ca-el doesn’t do traditional food, so you can count on him to play with old favourites like smoked herring or pelau and reinvent them into pops of flavour that will always suprise and excite you.

Our signature Chef’s Table events are a food experience. For two people or twenty, Chef Ca-el designs a customised six to twelve course menu that will change how you feel about food and leave you satisfied but wishing that the night could last forever.

We also serve catered meals for more traditional events, for parties of two to 200 and sometimes more! French, Caribbean fusions and Mediterranean cuisines are his specialties. Please email us through our Contact Us page for a quotation.


Event Catering

Chef Ca-el can cater sophisticated breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea functions for corporate clients. We also cater for private parties, small weddings and more. We can also suggest venues and help you source other suppliers for bar service for bigger functions. Please email us through our Contact Us page for a quotation.


Restaurant Consultancy

Many people achieve their dream of opening a restaurant or a food store, only to get stuck drowning in the melee of ordering, staff training, kitchen design and *gasp* health inspection. Superman to the rescue!

Chef Ca-el’s 18 years of experience in the culinary industry can help you do better as a restaurateur.  Contact him to get a expert look at setting up your kitchen stations, training your staff on best practice in food service and for menu design.

Please email us through our Contact Us page for a quotation.