Here’s where you’ll find the seasonal menus for all types of personal and corporate dining experiences. If you have any questions, or would like to get a quotation for an event, email us from our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. You can also read more about our policies and procedures here.

House of El Corporate Tea Plate General List (click to download)
House of El – Corporate Lunch Options 2018 (click to download)
House of El – Salad Options – General List (click to download) 

Out and About

Depending on your event location and budget, you can mix and match a menu that can cost as low as TT$50 per person.

Cocktail Items

  • Trini-fusion rissoles (breaded and fried crepes):
    • Spiced potatoes and green peas with pickled cucumbers and a tamarind-clove chutney
    • Smoked herring and spinach with pickled tomatoes and an avocado crème fraiche
    • Asian inspired chicken and vegetable with pickled peppers and wasabi mayo
  • Wing Meh
    Sesame baked chicken wings with a ginger-soy glaze and chives
  • Once A Prawn A Time
    Turmeric and cilantro poached shrimp with mustard greens and tomato choka
  • De Brat
    Mini Bratwurst corn dogs with a cabbage chow and a lemon-curry mustard sauce
  • Souse Tostadas
    Spicy pickled cow heel a crispy tortilla finished with cucumbers and onions
  • Bhaji Borek
    Cheese filled parcels in phyllo pastry with a minted yoghurt sauce
  • Singles
    Curried chickpea fritters with a papaya chutney


Packaged meals
Cook Up (served buffet style)

  • Jambalaya: a Cajun spiced rice pilaf of spicy sausage, pigtail, chicken, shrimp and red beans
  • Cheddar cheese corn bread
  • Green salad with a mix of local lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes
  • Ochro ‘chow’; pickled ochro flavoured with fennel and coriander

On De Road (sandwiches)

  • One In Yuh Hand: Beer poached beef hot dogs in a beer buttered bun and topped with a beer cheese sauce and beer pickled peepers and onions (other meats available)
  • Soca Shawarma: a wrap filled with spiced slow roasted leg of lamb, an eggplant salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and onions and finished with a chickpea and garlic mayo
  • Geera Carnitas: Cumin marinated braised pork on a sada roti topped with refried pigeon peas and pineapple ‘chow’
  • Jerk Mih: Jerked chicken with a chadon beni mayo, pickled vegetables, fresh cucumbers and chicken pate in a toasted baguette
  • Liming: Roast bake and a lime-beer battered fish with a garlic mayo slaw and cilantro pesto and tamarind-clove chutney
  • Roll It: Greek salad wrap with cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, olives and feta tossed in a tzatziki dressing of yogurt, garlic and mint


By the beach (served buffet style)

  • Crab gnocchi ‘oil down’ flavoured with coconut milk, curry and dasheen leaves
  • Smoked barbecued pigtail
  • Roasted corn chowder with bacon, root vegetables, chickpeas and cream
  • Cucumber and pineapple salad with garlic, cilantro and lime


  • Assorted Flavoured Fruit Lollies
  • Molasses and coconut cake pops coated with dark chocolate and sesame seeds
  • Stout panna cotta with a chocolate cookie crumble